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The Burglar Window Alarm

Posted on August 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

We are told that the most often used entrance to a home by a burglar is the front door, which is usually kicked in when the intruder decides that there is no one at home. It could be said with a great deal of certainty, that the second most used entrance to a home is a window.

Windows that are used for a break-in are the ones that are on the side or in the back of the house, where no one will see the perpetrator in his act of breaking in. Again, the intruder probably has rung the front doorbell, to determine if anyone is home.

The first best defense against the burglar kicking in your front door, is a steel front door. Case closed. The second best defense against a burglar coming in through a window, is a burglar window alarm.

In times past, setting up an alarm for your windows was a detailed and costly enterprise, requiring rewiring of your premises in order to accommodate the electrical connection to your window.

Burglar Window Alarm

Now, everything is wireless, and if the window is disturbed, glass is broken, or if the pane is even touched, an alarm can be set off that can be heard in the next county, the idea being to scare the burglar off, or perhaps cause a neighbor to call the police.

You can walk into any store such as Wal Mart, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s or Home Depot and pick up a wireless window alarm for a very inexpensive price.

Window alarms come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and function. You can get a very simple alarm that sets off the alarm just if the window is opened. What happens is that a connection separates when the window is opened and causes an alarm to sound. It does not necessarily have to be connected to anything, as it is wireless.

You can also set up very sophisticated systems that have video on each window and door so that anybody entering the home will be seen on your smart phone, wherever you may be. The sounding of an alarm can be set on or off from your smart phone so that when the kids come home from school, the won’t be setting off the alarm all of the time.

Most alarms systems will have stickers that you can put on the windows, to warn burglars that your house is “armed” and this is enough much of the time to cause them to look elsewhere for a better place to rob.